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Whether you want to display reviews or collect reviews and feedback, we always include the Solo plan in both packages.
You can customize both the Display and Collect plans to suit your requirements in the app.

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Frequently asked questions

Views are a metric in Trustmary that tracks how many times a widget’s code has been loaded on your website (and in turn, how many requests are made to our servers). So, basically everytime anyone visits your site and loads the widget, one view is counted towards your limit.

If the limit is reached, the widget is simply hidden until the limit resets, and no reviews or information is lost. Once the limit resets, the widget appears again automatically.

Find more info on views from our Help Center.

Sources is the number of social media accounts connected to the platform. For example, 1 Google location or 1 Facebook Page equals 1 source.

Responses is the number responses you get to your surveys.

Requests is the number of survey emails sent from Trustmary App.

Yes, you can use Trustmary on any website!

Currently, we support automated importing from: Google, Facebook, G2, Capterra, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. You can also import from a spreadsheet or do it manually.

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