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Trustpilot is an open-to-all online review platform that brings businesses and consumers together to build trust and inspire collaboration. We are free to use, open to all, and built on transparency. 

When we talk about “our platform”, we mean tpr.gg -Trustpilot reviews. We provide TrustPilot reviews. We provide reviews since 2016. In our experience, our reviews are considered real users so our reviews are not deleted or flagged. So we support customers fearlessly. That we will give them reliable and satisfactory service. If your review is removed by mistake within 90 days, we will replace it for free

Before using our Platform we ask that you read these Terms of Use (which we refer to as the “Terms”) so that you understand what we expect from you – and what you can expect from us. These Terms indicate the following policies, guidelines, and rules, which also apply to using our Platform

Can purchase reviews be edited/changed?

We highly respect online stores. So we do their jobs perfectly. And we serve those who want to be served.

Assume that a buyer is trying to cheat you, so he will post the 1-star review on your platform page. You can be sure about that because we will make his review reliable by giving a 5-star review. So that his Trustpilot review is proved to be fake.

A variety of other stores are available

If someone needs a 1-star review, what will he do with the field? In that case, he can buy 1 star to 5-star review from us and remove it if you give us permission.

What is fake Review

On Trustpilot, a review is considered fake if:

1.      It does not represent an actual service or purchase experience

2.      It is a deliberate attempt to manipulate consumer perception or behavior

How hard is it to spot a fake review?

Let’s consider the example below and go back to the advice given above.

The reviewer used repetitive and simple language, wrote only one review, and had no image uploaded to their profile. So, logically you would conclude that this review is fake and written purely to mislead you. right?


Wrong. The review is…genuine

Our team of content integrity experts spoke with the person who wrote the review and also captured documentation proving the purchase.

Here is another example:


While one may question the use of emotive language such as “great service!”, there is no additional context surrounding the experience as something questionable.

This review is…genuine

Again, we have had a full interaction with this reviewer and have more proof of purchase from the person.


So the question is where do we buy genuine reviews from?

tpr.gg has been providing reviews for the past 6 years. They provide genuine reviews with 6 years of experience. You can buy trustpilot reviews from this company at cheap prices. Best of all, this company offers payment after work and long term replacement guarantee

Payment Method

We mainly accept Bitcoin, bank transfer, perfect money, and PayPal (send money option to accept payment from friends and family) because our PayPal is too risky. So we do not accept payment at Good & Service. Because the payment is held for 21 days at Good and Service

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